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Our teachers Cam, Mark, Suzanne, Kathy and Danny have trained with some of the world's greatest teachers and bring their many decades of practice and teaching experience and wisdom to your yoga journey. Each have their own unique flavor and perspective from Cam's witty insight, to Marks steadiness, Kath's nurturing, Dan's connection to the profound and wise Suz is the glue that binds. Try them all for a well rounded understanding of yoga practice.
We are blessed to have added several graduates of our 2015 Apprenticeship program to the team - Brooke Vardi, Gee Delgado, Phyo Winn and Anita Colenbrander. All are seasoned practitioners who bring fresh perspective and loving commitment. They will guide you well! You'll also love them as humans - they are beautiful souls indeed!!! <3


Dear Students, it appears that the border restrictions may continue even if the regional lockdown is lifted. We are unsure exactly what that means for us, but we will let you know ASAP. Please keep your eye on the Mindbody app as all class and teacher changes will be reflected there - even if things change quickly.


We’ll also notify on the Socials, and you can always call or email the office. All passes/bookings effected by border closures or lockdowns will be honoured/transferred/extended, or refunded if those options are not possible. We are doing our best to keep on top of it but if you have any pass issues, please call 55342883, email yoga88@goldcoastyogacentre.com, or if not urgent via messenger.


Stay steady and cultivate your inner calm no matter what, we send much love πŸ’›πŸ’›

Class Booking Info...

Please remember we have class limits and bookings through the Mindbody App or Web Page are essential.

*Mindbody Web Bookings (Available using Google Chrome as a browser):


*Mindbody App - Apple Devices:


*Mindbody App - Android Devices:



See the Timetable Page for further instructions on how to book. If you have any trouble, please contact the office 5534 2883, yoga88@goldcoastyogacentre.com or via Facebook.

**Note: If you are unable to view classes on the schedule on a particular day due to error in Mindbody App, follow these steps to book in:

- Go into the Mindbody App and go to your Profile in the bottom right corner

- This will show you your schedule and Upcoming classes

- Scroll down until you see Previous – this will be the list of the classes you have previously attended

- Click Book Again on the time/day that you want to book – you should be able to book into your preferred time, even if it is not showing on the schedule as it supposed to.


See our What's On Page


The Saturday Level 2 class will recommence at Space 10 (cnr Cypress Tce & 10th Ave, just a couple of blocks from GCYC, backing onto Tennis on 11th).

We have secured this alternate venue to fit more students in for the class while Covid restrictions are still in place, to hopefully alleviate Midnight Booking Syndrome, and make sure more of you get at least one class with Mark per week.


- You will book as normal on Mindbody, but the Class Name will be "L2 Tennis on 11th" indicating the class will be held at the alternate venue and there will be more places available.

- You will need to BYO mat, blankets, drink bottles and warm things (both for Savasana and until you warm up) as the hall is not heated.


Space 10 at Tennis on 11th. Please note the ENTRANCE is on the corner of 10th Ave and Cypress Tce - just a few streets away from the GCYC.


- Every Saturday from Saturday 23rd January 2021 – 8am class at TENNIS ON 11TH.

We look forward to having you back in our space full time, but until then, we're grateful to be able to make this class more accessible by having more space.

Please contact the office if any questions 55342883, email yoga88@goldcoastyogacentre.com or via Suzanne Grey FB Messenger.

IMPORTANT: There are health regulations we must abide by:

*We have 25 available spots in the yoga room with the 25th spot coming with a few extra conditions (similar to exit row seating on a plane) - it will be allocated to the last person to arrive, whoever is in that spot must sit aside while other students gather their props before class, and during savasana must pull their mat a little closer into the room to give students room to put props away whilst maintaining social distancing...  Your teacher will guide you!

*1.5m distancing (no hugs or adjustments yet, sorry!)

*Hand sanitiser on front desk to use before going into class

*Please BYO props, and towels for the blankets if needed (and warm things for savasana)

*The yoga room will only be open 15-20 minutes before class to allow for extra cleaning, and places will be marked.

Live-streams have stopped temporarily as we wait for a microphone part (the iPad wouldn’t be sufficient with others in the room) but remember the saved ones will remain on our Links page and will still be able to be accessed anytime!

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate our new systems.


🍁Please note, there can be no adjustments given, even in Mysore classes. Although this may feel unusual at first, it is an amazing opportunity for the teacher to observe deeply, and the student to be truly seen. You may not want to go back!!!

🍁We can have 25 students per class, so will continue to use the Mindbody booking system. We are on hand to help you should you run into problems with that. Laura or I will be in the office most days when we re-open, or you can email or FB message and we will get back to you ASAP. See the Timetable page for full instructions.

🍁We also will need to observe public health restrictions and maintain 1.5m social distancing (no hugs or adjustments yet, sorry!), extra cleaning between classes and make sure you have enough space in the yoga room. Please be patient between classes as we complete the extra cleaning. The doors will be open to students 15-20 mins before class.

🍁Prop use will be minimal. We recommend your bring your own straps/eyebags etc if needed; as well as a warm rug or shawl/jumper and socks for savasana. Blankets/bolsters may be used if you bring a clean towel to put on them. We may be able to use a block if necessary and wipe it down afterwards.

🍁We will also keep all our past live-streams, tuturials, meditations etc on our website links page for you to enjoy and access anytime.

🍁All going well, we should be able to increase numbers from July 11 as per the Queensland government recovery plan - but health restrictions will still be in place - and as is always recommended for any cold/flu/illness - if unwell, please stay at home βœ¨πŸ™βœ¨

Passes will be activated as you return to practice.




All the teachers and staff at the GCYC πŸ™πŸŒΊπŸŒΊπŸŒΊ


Click here for more info on events


We offer an extensive range of yoga mats, props, books, clothing, mala beads, body products, yogic treats and our very own range of meditation and yoga practice CDs and DVDs. We try to source products that fit ethically into a yoga and eco lifestyle so that we can enjoy them and know we are contributing at the same time.

Visit our online 'Store' to see our full product range.


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The Gold Coast Yoga Centre has been serving the Gold Coast with transformational yoga training since 1996. Our dedicated teaching team have over 60 years of collective yoga teaching experience, with up to 5 classes a day, 7 days a week, beginners to advanced, classical Ashtanga and Hatha/Vinyasa, meditation, workshops, retreats, Kirtan concerts, private coaching, teacher training, full yoga shop and library and a welcoming, active yoga community. Come join our beautiful beachside studio today!


What our students have to say about GCYC
  • “I'm getting younger not older with yoga!”  John, a young 67

  • "Yoga has me surfing like a grommet again. it's also really good for helping to prevent injuries and recover more quickly"  Chris Garret, surfer


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