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Our teachers Cam, Mark, Suzanne, Kathy, Dan and Christine have trained with some of the world's greatest teachers and bring their many decades of practice and teaching experience and wisdom to your yoga journey. Each have their own unique flavor and perspective from Cam's witty insight, to Marks steadiness, Kath's nurturing, Dan's connection to the profound, Christine's joy, and wise Suz is the glue that binds. Try them all for a well rounded understanding of yoga.


Attend a 6am class and go into the draw to win April's $50 voucher from Wray Organic! The mornings are starting to get cooler and the sun is rising later but don't let this stop you from getting along to an early morning yoga class! Keep your practice up now and this will help maintain it through the winter months. 

Come in and check out our beautiful new mural.

Thank you to Antoinette, Allan, Dean, Marni & Jana for all your hard work creating a new practice space and office <3

While you're there - check out our NEW OFFER - sign up for 12 months Direct Debit and get your first month free!



ActivEarth activated Nuts and Dyna'Mix are the perfect post-yoga snack.

What is Activation? Did you know that seeds and nuts are sleeping? They are life in dormancy, just waiting for the right conditions to awaken and grow.

Activating nuts is a process that removes a significant part of the toxins (such as phytic acid) and enzyme inhibitors that all seeds naturally contain as defense mechanisms. This process improves digestion and nutrient absorption in the body.

We also offer an extensive range of yoga mats, props, books, clothing, incense, mala beads, body products, yoga treats, and our very own range of meditation and yoga practice CDs and DVDs. We try to source products that fit ethically into a yoga and eco lifestyle so that we can enjoy them and know we are contributing at the same time.




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Gold Coast Yoga Centre


The Gold Coast Yoga Centre has been serving the Gold Coast with transformational yoga training since 1996. Our dedicated teaching team have over 60 years of collective yoga teaching experience, with up to 5 classes a day, 7 days a week, beginners to advanced, classical Ashtanga and Hatha/Vinyasa, meditation, workshops, retreats, Kirtan concerts, private coaching, teacher training, full yoga shop and library and a welcoming, active yoga community. Come join our beautiful beachside studio today!

Daily Darshun
  • TEACHER CHANGE NOTICE From the 25th of April Cameron & Danny will be swapping class times on the weekend. The class styles will stay the same (Sat Ashtanga, Sun General) See you on the mat <3
  • Anzac Day There will be no changes to class times Anzac Day Saturday 25th April. 8.15am General 10.30am Level 1 4pm Ashtanga Led <3
  • New Student Offer It has been great meeting our new students who have joined GCYC from the $30 for 30 day promotion that we recently ran. It's time now to switch things up and to honour ALL of our wonderful and...
What our students have to say about GCYC
  • “I'm getting younger not older with yoga!”  John, a young 67

  • "Yoga has me surfing like a grommet again. it's also really good for helping to prevent injuries and recover more quickly"  Chris Garret, surfer


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Our Studio 37/2 Eighth Ave, Palm Beach QLD






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